Experts in subscriptions and e-commerce

Subscription as a Service

Our e-commerce revolution

We are experts in subscription and e-commerce and know the levers to increase longevity, boost single sales, and create new revenue streams. Renowned brands across industries trust our consulting expertise from complex transformation projects to targeted optimisation of conversion rates.

Experts in digital strategies

We were the first service provider to implement bundling and unbundling for B2B and B2C publishers. When it comes to billing and content monetisation key players rely on ccb by dsb®, Europe’s leading customer care and billing ecosystem for the publishing industry. We are pioneers in the customer care and billing environment and have been creating innovative solutions for more than 50 years.

ccb by dsb® is part of the dsb fly ecosystem.

Our value propositions

Consultancy Services

With our consultancy support, we can help you with these issues

  • Digital transformation
  • Strengthening digital media formats
  • Bridging the gap between digital and print world
  • Interconnecting system landscapes
  • Finding the right digital business model
  • Optimizing customer lifetime value
  • Cost reduction and process optimization
  • Payment and paywalls
  • Membership and subscription models
  • Events, seminars, and webinars
  • Online self-services
  • Management solutions for 360-degree campaigns
  • Proactive churn prevention
  • Consulting on other aspects
scalable. revenue-oriented. customised.