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Tailored payment solutions

for your business

From fast payment method integration, including fully automated refunds to PayPal accounts, to paywall and billing solutions, and even direct payment pages – explore our comprehensive range of payment solutions.

1. Payment method integrations

1.1 Fast integration of payment methods

PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit, BACS direct debit, invoice & dunning, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, GPay, Twint, and many more – through our payment gateway, we seamlessly and securely integrate all popular payment methods into your B2B or B2C shops.

Instead of individually connecting to various online payment providers through separate interfaces, we integrate multiple payment methods at once. This saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core business.

1.2 Fully automated refunds to PayPal accounts

dsb fly enables refunds to PayPal accounts and credit card accounts from VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX, benefiting publishers like SPIEGEL-Verlag. Our fully automated process ensures cost savings, increased transparency, and reduced error risks in subscription credit refunds.

dsb fly seamlessly and digitally handles various refund scenarios without any media disruptions. As part of the cancellation process, the refund amount is automatically calculated, and the refunds are processed using the same payment method as the subscription. The entire cancellation process is digitised, eliminating the need for manual interventions.

2. Paywalls

2.1 Paywalls for the media company

Whether it’s access to content through the freemium, premium, or metered model, we provide cross-channel control over access to paid content. From digital magazines and webinars to online events and podcasts, our paywall solution efficiently manages automatic access to your multimedia and premium content.

2.2 Paywall integration into landing pages, online shops, and online content

The dsb fly paywall solution can be seamlessly integrated as a standalone module into your webshop, seminar portal, or online magazine. Alternatively, you can also utilise the paywall as part of the dsb fly platform.

3. Billing

3.1 Consolidate purchases across media platforms

dsb fly automatically aggregates all purchases – whether it’s single sales, digital or print subscriptions, bundles or special editions, time-based or quantity-based billing.

3.2 Migration to recurring payment methods

We transform analogue payment methods into digital payment methods. With just one click, consumers can switch their payment method from invoice to PayPal, credit card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and more. The transition to recurring payment methods enables you to automate subsequent charges. This allows you to achieve continuous revenue and increase subscription retention.

4. Conversion accellerator

4.1 Smart payment options boost your conversion

Successful e-commerce relies on a wide range of payment options. The more extensive the payment portfolio, the more likely it is to meet the preferred payment method of a user. We offer users their preferred payment method fully automated

4.2 Increase your revenues with express payment pages

Enable spontaneous purchases with the Payment Widget. This personalised and pre-filled mini website allows easy and fast payments. Leading media houses choose our widget for its high usability and reach.


Cyber Security

dsb adheres to the highest standards of digital security. Your data is protected to the best possible extent against theft and fraudulent use. Additionally, we minimise the risks of data loss, misuse, and downtime during business operations.

  • We are PCI-DSS certified.
  • Our Information Security Management System is certified according to ISO27001.
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