fly campaign
configurable. trainable. targeted.
fly campaign
configurable. trainable. targeted.

Increase in revenue

thanks to automated marketing campaigns

fly campaign supports you with onboarding, retention, cross-selling and upselling. We develop customer relationships throughout the entire lifecycle.

1. Customer loyalty through tailored recommendations

Launch fully automated cross-channel campaigns with targeted offers.

2. Recommendation engine

dsb fly offers you a trainable and self-learning recommendation algorithm (Recommendation Engine) so that you can provide your customers with accurate and personalised offers.

3. Individual customer journeys

Initiate omnichannel communication channels for different target audiences and define when to use phone, email, chat, or SMS on an individual basis. In dsb fly you create contact templates that are dynamically delivered.

4. Seamless onboarding experience

Present your buyers with the exciting part of your product world and captivate them with their own personalised user experience.

5. Launch fully automated outbound campaigns

Analyze and select the criteria for a telesales campaign directly in dsb fly and start it here. Your customer care experts also manage the campaign in the ecosystem.