Transport Management System
digital. process-oriented. cost-optimised.
Transport Management System
digital. process-oriented. cost-optimised.

Smart transport management solutions

dsb TMS (Transport Management System) provides a comprehensive solution for managing all workflows in freight forwarding and transportation operations. From master data management, quotation generation, order management, and dispatching to invoicing customers and subcontractors – all aspects of the process are covered, including telematics integration.

Customised logistics solutions

We support freight forwarders and warehouse companies with customised software development. Our solutions are implemented using interface technologies (XML and web services) into the existing system landscape and operated as “Software as a Service” (SaaS).

High automation level

Speed is a crucial success factor in transportation and logistics. With our Transport Management System (TMS), we offer you a proven solution with a high level of automation. From manual data entry to electronic order receipt via the EDIFACT/XML interface, orders are centrally available. Transport orders are immediately conditioned after creation based on individual rates. Additionally, status notifications can be automatically triggered to the client upon request.

User-friendly interface

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the TMS is easy to use. At a glance, you can see planned transports and available vehicles. Quotations can be created quickly, and bulk quotations with hundreds of items can be processed automatically.

Invoicing and billing

dsb TMS provides the capability to invoice single or consolidated invoices in both paper and digital formats. External data, such as workshop services or fuel data, can be included in credit notes to the carrier via interface integration.

Process and cost optimisation

The TMS is designed to meet the requirements of larger logistics companies with hundreds of vehicles and cross-border services. However, smaller freight forwarders and transport companies can also effectively work with the system and achieve significant cost savings.

Fully integrated multilingual fleet management

Through the FleetVisor telematics system, not only geo-positioning and status notifications for tracking are exchanged, but also order details for dispatching, billing, and analysis. This simplifies workflows, reduces transmission errors, and significantly improves communication with drivers through multilingual support.

Document management system

The Document Management System (DMS) manages and archives all legally required data of a business process, including postal and email documents.

Data warehouse for analysis

The integrated Sales Information System (VIS) provides analysis and statistics for daily planning. Individual queries can be easily created using a drag-and-drop interface. The VIS data is updated daily, ensuring you are always up to date.


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