fly aquire
customer-centric. converting. agile
fly aquire
customer-centric. converting. agile

From lead to evangelist

dsb fly boosts acquisitions through targeted landing pages, quick check-out processes, buyer-specific payment recommendations, spontaneous purchases via social media and more. With dsb fly, we provide you with an ecosystem for omnichannel media and product distribution.

Boost your sales
  • Turbo charge customer acquisition campaigns.
  • Seamlessly migrate users to new services and products.
  • Offer B2C and B2B products accurately.
  • Maximise your net sales with customer-centric e-shop solutions designed to enhance your customers’ online shopping experience.
Our ecosystem pushes the distribution of
  • digital, print, and bundle subscriptions
  • podcasts
  • seminars, webinars, events
  • fashion, lifestyle, health products
Subscription as a Service for the e-commerce of the future!