Our ecosystem
Seamless &
modular. simple. future-proof.

Subscription as a service

Our e-commerce revolution

Platforms are a thing of the past. If you want to create success stories in e-commerce and subscription businesses, you need to provide your customers with engaging and personalised experiences. For that, you require a 360-degree view of each user. dsb fly connects different system worlds into one ecosystem. We aggregate purchases, subscription options, individual preferences, and user behaviour based on real time data.


open, flexible and future proof

The cloud-based dsb fly ecosystem is modular in structure. Each component is tailored to your business processes and customised to fit your system landscape. Modules can be added and integrated easily with third-party systems. With these agile expansion and integration capabilities, you gain an individual, future-proof IT landscape.


Maximise profits while simultaneously transforming the business?

We assist you in your digital transformation, focusing on seamless processes while you concentrate on your core business and agile exploration of new business opportunities.