Cloud Solutions
scalable. secure. high-performing.
Cloud Solutions
scalable. secure. high-performing.

Application and Managed Hosting

We professionally operate various IT applications and make them accessible to you remotely.

Managed Hosting based on AIX, Linux, and Windows Systems

Design your infrastructure flexible, scalable, and tailored to your needs in our virtual environment. We offer performance packages on a rental basis, including:

  • Facilities in the cloud data centre, including: power and cooling
  • Hardware infrastructure as needed
  • Operating systems (AIX, Linux, or Windows)
  • Management of the system landscape by specialists

Additional service details include:

  • Updates: Applying the latest versions (bug fixes), security updates, patches
  • Backup: Data and application backup and security in regular operation
  • Server-specific: compilation of source code
  • Connectivity: optimal availability
  • Firewall: IDS, IPS, dynamic DOS prevention
  • Monitoring: SLA, escalation, surveillance
  • Server management by our specialists
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP, prevention of data loss)
1. Our virtualisation platforms

Take advantage of

  • Cost-effective services through consolidation of virtualized workloads
  • Rapid cloud service provisioning through the implementation of virtual machines (VMs) and storage
  • Cost control and increased return on investment (ROI) through improved utilization of server and storage resources
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling of your virtualized deployments without compromising performance
  • Seamless business operations through live mobility between servers
  • Provision of higher-value services through enhanced resource management
2. PowerVM by IBM®

PowerVM is the leading virtualisation solution for IBM Power Systems, running IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux workloads. PowerVM represents the state of the art in enterprise virtualisation. With PowerVM, you have access to a secure virtualisation environment with modern RAS features (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability), extreme scalability, and the outstanding performance of the Power Systems platform built on top of the excellent Power processors.

3. vSphere by VMware

VMware vSphere is the proven, stable, and reliable virtualisation platform and the preferred choice of over 500,000 customers, including all Fortune Global 100 companies. VMware’s innovative solutions and outstanding performance have been recognised by strategically focused market researchers such as Gartner.

4. Network Services

To ensure that the cloud infrastructure provided to you is only accessible to authorised individuals and systems, we focus on providing a secure, reliable, and high-performance connection between the cloud and clients.

5. Infrastructure components in our cloud data centre offer:
  • Highly available, autonomous system with multiple independent campus accesses for continuous and fail-safe internet access.
  • Redundant design for central components.
  • Secure integration of customer servers via LAN, WAN, or SAN.
  • Secure access for businesses and road warriors or home offices (IPSEC or SSL-VPN).
  • Various state-of-the-art firewall systems.
  • Web Application Firewall for web shops or websites.
  • Monitoring of all central components, including detailed monitoring with alarming capabilities.
scalable. secure. performant.